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Kusum Vasudeva the Producer / Director & Vinod Vasudeva the host, created this world of pure love and masti in 1991. Kusum answered the call of heavens in 2007.  Vinod continues maintaining their revered world – MANORANJAN,  through the RADIO SHOW.

Vinod endeavors to create an environment for the listeners to indulge into the world of romance through the ambience created through the Singers, Lyricists & Music Directors in each song, ghazal or qawwali. It is to provoke love for those that the listeners consider their own and to rekindle memories of timeless love.

MANORANJAN program is a venue to pull the community together. The spoken language in the program is a mix of Hindi, Urdu & English (the language that most of us speak when communicating with each other socially in the U.S & in India).

MANORANJAN is a platform to introduce the local & visiting Artists & Celebrities to the local & international listenership.  It is a venue to hear Spiritual, Medical and other qualified personnel to dispense their hard earned knowledge and expertise.

MANORANJAN program to tune in for information of complimentary and paid current events in / around Orlando FL and to help businesses propagate their goods / services to our vast audience.


MANORANJAN is a show for ALL ages from 6 to __!

About Us

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